A Retrospective & The Future of Roe With Me

When I started Roe With Me just over a year ago I never dreamed that we would have over 22,000 consultants, over 1 million total users, and help generate over $55 million in revenues for our sellers within a year. To say that this journey has been fun would be a huge understatement!

An implant into small-town Iowa from a bigger city, I have always had bigger goals than what was just in front of me. For years I worked early in the mornings and late into the nights prototyping various startup ideas that came to my imagination because I dreamed of owning my own software company. Never did I ever imagine that this crazy awesome roller coaster that you have put us on would happen, and so fast! Especially in the fashion retail industry!

However, it has been incredible and Roe With Me has always been about more than just what meets the eye. We have heard countless stories of how Roe With Me helped save your business and kept you from quitting and returning to your 9-5 jobs. You've continually reminded us of how you can sell from anywhere now. Of how you have your life back!

The amount of amazing stories that we have heard from you, our customers, has been the single most fulfilling aspect of this software and this business.

And we want to do even more to help you!

At Roe With Me, we don't just prepare for the future, we create it.

So today, I'm going to introduce to you a few of the creations we've been working on for many months.

Our Name Is Changing

Roe With Me is now known as Shoppe

Our new wordmark!

That's right... we are changing our name. Now, let me answer some of the questions that I know will be coming:

This makes no sense, Roe With Me is an awesome name!?

We agree that Roe With Me is an awesome name and it has served us well! However, we feel it is an important step in servicing the many of you who are not LuLaRoe consultants. Roe With Me (and now Shoppe) originally started as an awesome tool focused on LuLaRoe consultants, but has seen tremendous growth from other boutique owners wanting to capitalize on our dead simple approach to online selling! We see this is an awesome opportunity to provide the same life-changing tools to other boutique owners as well.

Did you sell Roe With Me?

No, we are the same team of five and will continue on with the same mission that we set out to accomplish!

Will your website URL change?

Yes, we will be moving everyone over to our new (to be announced) domain within the coming days. The transition is designed to be as seamless as possible and any links to roewith.me will just take you over to the same link on our new domain. All of your data will remain available for you to change at your leisure!

What is the timeline for these changes?

We will begin to roll out our new name across our services this week and hope to have everything fully changed over within 3 weeks. Don't worry though, we are hyper focused on making these changes as painless as possible for all of our users!

A Mobile App!

Yes, that's right... after much anticipation, Shoppe is coming to an iOS/Android device near you! Some of the more notable features that will be included are:

Push Notifications

You and your customers will now receive notifications directly to your phone for all of the in-app notifications that you currently receive. This is a vital tool for reaching your customers!

Personalized Activity Feed

Activities such as following your favorite sellers, or commenting on items will propagate to your customer's mobile apps and drive traffic to your Shoppe! (see what I did there!? 😉)

Additionally, users will soon see your popups in their feed when you post them which will take out most of the hard work!

Your Shoppe Following

Growing a following through Shoppe will be of huge benefit to you as we have over 1+ million customers that are looking for boutiques to shop from!

Our mission hasn't changed since the day we set out to just be a simple sales platform... It's just grown up a little bit!

Automate your boutique and have more time for the things that matter