How to Sell on Shoppe Step 1: Adding and Removing Inventory

Ever wondered what you could be doing with the time spent uploading the same images to Facebook each time you run a sale? Shoppe was built to give you your time back by permanently storing your item images until you are ready to join sales!

Before we can create or join a sale using Shoppe, we need to upload our inventory to be stored in the database.

There are two primary buttons that we will be working with in order to upload inventory, found below:

Note: for demonstration purposes, we are uploading LuLaRoe items, however, you can sell anything you'd like on Shoppe.

Now, click the "Add Style" button to add a style.

You will see a new window that allows you to enter the details of the new style you are creating

  1. Your cover photo will appear first in your list of items for the style. It will also appear on your shared link preview in Facebook when sharing the link.
  2. Your style name will appear when customers navigate through the styles in your inventory.
  3. Entering a price here will allow you to set a price for all items in the style. You can leave this blank and set prices individually when you upload items.

Now that we have added a style(s) to our inventory, we can now upload items into those styles.

Our customers will be able to "Claim" these items in popup sales and purchase them using a simple invoicing process.

Click the "Add Items" ("+") button

Note: An update will be released in the future which allows you to select categories instead of sizes. If your items are not sorted by size, you can upload all item photos into a single size.

Note: You can upload all of your items to one size and then change their sizes later from the Items page!

After choosing a size, find the folder containing your item photos and select them. You can shift-select to choose multiple photos at once.

Now that you have selected items for uploading - Congrats! You have successfully created styles and uploaded items!

We can now proceed to create popups and join multi-consultant sales!

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