Facebook Auto-Posting: It's linking to the wrong Facebook account / I want to change the account it auto-posts to!

Sometimes you may find that you need to change the account that posts to Facebook. Here is a walk-through for choosing a different Facebook account to utilize the new "auto-posting" feature.

This walk through is intended to help with the following issues:

  1. When I click to add a Facebook group / event, nothing shows up!
  2. I had to change my Facebook password!
  3. It looks like it's linked to the wrong Facebook account and I need to change it!

1. First we need to log in and delete the existing app from Facebook

2. Now that we have deleted the app, we can go back to roewith.me, log in, and enable the Facebook auto-posting feature!

Note: Make sure you are logged in to the CORRECT Facebook account during this step

We hope this helps you get on your way to utilizing the auto-posting function! If you have any questions, please post in the RWM Consultant Facebook Support Group or send an email to help@roewith.me.