[Blog] An Easy Way to Get People to Your Group from Your Facebook Page

Suppose you walk up to people on the street and tell them to join your exclusive group where they can buy stuff from you.

How many of those people would be interested in joining? Probably not many. A couple of them might join just to get out of the conversation, but chances are they aren't even in the market for what you're selling.

This is similar what we're doing when we ask people to join our Facebook Group. We're asking them to commit to something without telling them about it first.

The best contributors in your Facebook group are there because they know your brand and are in the market for your products. Some of them may have landed on your Facebook Page and had seen an introductory video or piece of content from you that piqued their interest. You didn't force them to join your group when they didn't first know what you were promoting.

Adding the option to join your group on your Facebook page is a great way to let prospects know that they need to join to get more of your goodies. Keep this in mind when you are considering the types of content you plan to post on your Page versus your Group. On your Page, you are dealing with a much wider, and therefore "colder," audience. These people need to be "warmed up" to your brand before they consider joining your group. Posting content on your Page that tells your unique story is a great way to reach these people. You can also run free giveaways and promote them by posting on your Page to get people in your Facebook Group who are interested in your products!

Your Facebook Page is step one for your future customers on Facebook, and can be utilized as a powerful tool for getting leads to your Facebook Group. In the video I explain how to connect your Group to your Business Page on Facebook which allows customers to join your group easier.