FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

When Will Shoppe Upload to Facebook Albums for Me?

There are at minimum 2 reasons why we are not currently supporting uploading to FB directly:

  1. Facebook is actively against you selling via albums (hence the reason people get put in jail for it). Uploading thousands of images over and over again is insanely expensive for them and not at all what their albums are for.

  2. It is faster for you to do it yourself. We (as third party user of Facebook) can only make so many calls to Facebook in a certain time period. Therefore, if we were to implement such a thing, you would literally have to wait your turn for your photos to get uploaded to your albums in a pool of people that would be tens of thousands of users deep.

With that being said, we have several shiny new things coming that will allow us to support FB sales as much as possible!

  • Verify that the link does not have a "Thanks," at the end of it.

For example, incorrect links will look like this: https://www.roewith.me/account/verify-email/da63ebb7-3a8d-4bf1-b910-ad2d39a3ca1eThanks,

The correct link should be: https://www.roewith.me/account/verify-email/da63ebb7-3a8d-4bf1-b910-ad2d39a3ca1eThanks,

Resetting a Password for a Shopper Account

For help with a password in a shopper account (no seller privileges), please contact help@roewith.me via email.

How do I cancel my account with RWM?

Thanks for trying RWM! You can cancel your account by selecting the "MORE" button at the bottom right of the site, then selecting "Profile" from the slide-out list and then navigate to the "Account" tab. You'll find a "cancel account" button on that screen and it will walk you through the process.

Thanks again for trying RWM! We are rolling enhancements out at a steady pace! Please feel free to check back often to see if what we do will better suit your needs!

Having More Than One Account Showing When Being Added to an MC Sale

  • More than one account shows up under your name in MC Consultant Search so admins get confused when searching and add the wrong account

Troubleshoot this issue by creating an MC Sale, then clicking the "Consultants" tab and searching for your name. If you type a name in the search field and two results appear, this means that there are two seller accounts in the database. Verify the correct email appears by searching for it in the search box. If the correct account appears, encourage admins to search by email and contact customer support at help@roewith.me.

Can you have two sales going on at the same time in RWM?

Yes, however, they do not communicate with each other. If someone claims an item from one sale, then you will need to confirm the sale (click the checkmark on the orders page), otherwise other shoppers can claim the item in the second sale and both customers will appear as “first in line” for that item.

I'm trying to pick a group to Auto--Post to, but it's not one of the choices listed. How do I find it?

My Past Sold Inventory Keeps Reappearing in Sales

We have received numerous reports of inventory reappearing, but have not been able to trace the issue to system error. If you would like to know what happened to the items, please follow these steps:

1) Create a new "Test" style
2) Move the item into it (the item that reappeared)
3) Create a new "Test" popup and only show the "Test" style
4) Paste the link into an email and send it to help@roewith.me

We can view the item history to see what happened. In the future, we will release a function to show item history for each item to reference in the event that this happens again.

Please ensure that you are confirming items with the checkmark and not deleting them or changing the quantity when sold as we have determined this to cause issues.