Getting Highly Targeted Audiences on Facebook Using Your Customer Emails

I recently had a consultant ask how to set up a Facebook ad for selling LuLaRoe. Although she was a LuLaRoe consultant, this process works for anyone who wants to run ads on Facebook and has a list of customer email addresses.

Facebook is an extremely effective tool for finding customers regardless of what business you are in, and here's the cool thing:

Facebook has made it easy to find people who want what you are selling.

You can actually import a list of emails straight into Facebook and they will do the hard work for you.

Using Facebook custom audiences, you can grab a list of email addresses from your back-office system that includes all of your customers that have purchased from you. You can then import the emails to Facebook and they will match each email to profiles of people who share similar interests as your shoppers and show your ad to them.

Watch this short video to learn how it can be done. After you do this once it gets a lot easier!