Guest Blog: A Few Pro-Tips for Using Shoppe

If you're like me, you are a consultant (or about to be one) with no desire to use Facebook albums. You've researched the other options and felt like this platform was the cleanest, clearest, and most intuitive. So you're gonna.... Roe With Me! (Editor's Note: We've since changed our name to Shoppe)

Let me introduce myself! My name is Carrie Lee and I'm an avid shopper, mother of 5, and a tad bit overcommitted (you know, when you don't say "no" enough). I'm here to share with you some tips and tricks to keep you and your customers happy!

First off, I know you can take pictures right from Roe with Me and put them in your inventory. Isn't that awesome?! If you are doing a ton of multis though, do us all a favor and label the size of the item somewhere in the photo! It will help save you grief if you accidentally categorize wrong and makes it so screenshots customers take are a little less confusing! Also, use that watermark!

Speaking of, right now sales don't talk to each other. That means if you have two pop ups you are currently participating in - someone could claim the same thing in both! Eeep the dreaded oversell! Of course this can be avoided by not overlapping sales, but I've notice people try to use the confirm (check button) to avoid this. The problem is once you confirm a sale and it takes it out of inventory then the customer can no longer see it or pass. It increases your unpaid invoices. Those suck too. So what's a Roe-er to do? Well, you gotta' wait until they click done shopping or the sale is over! At least give it a few hours! As a shopper it takes a while to get thru that inventory and life can distract you, customer experience is key!

We all know the people that are joining our VIP groups have had variety of experiences. Maybe they've bought some Lula in person, or from Facebook live, or albums... so we need to show them how to party our way! Pro-tip... don't be ashamed to be different, go live or make a video of how to shop - show them how fun it is, how easy, and show them them the way it interacts with your wall! Be engaging and fun, it's contagious. I promise they will get the hang of it!!

My last pro-tip for you today is if you have a question about a topic, search the consultant support group for it. The answers will be reliable and faster than a new post! I sometimes will tag other consultants in old questions that have been answered so they can see for themselves! It's pretty rad we have such a great set of responsive and communicative creators!

-Carrie Lee Lularoe by Carrie Lee