Help! My Popup Activity isn't Being Automagically Shared to My FB Page!

UPDATE: The app name has been changed to Shoppe instead of Roe With Me to account for the name change.

Uh oh! You've selected all the right things in the popup but activity isn't being shared... Let's try this!

Issue: "When I select the Facebook Sharing option it doesn't post anything to my Facebook Group / Event."

Verify that others can see your posts

From Facebook, click the down arrow in the top-right corner next to the lock button > Click "settings"

Click "Apps" on the left hand side

Scroll down to "Roe With Me" and verify that the privacy setting is "Public" or "Friends."

Voila! Hopefully your posts begin to share automatically to your Facebook groups or events. If you continue to have issues, please post in the RWM Facebook Support Group or send an email to