Mobile App #5 - Purchasing Items

Hey there!

Let's talk about claiming items in the Shoppe app. Using the app, you can purchase items and have them shipped directly to you!

The shopping experience is a bit different than traditional retail shopping.

Here are some action items for you before purchasing an item:

Make sure that your home shipping address is updated in your Shoppe profile settings in the app. The consultant needs to know where to ship the item!

Additionally, make sure that your email is up to date in Shoppe and you are checking it for the email invoice.

Once you find that pair of leggings or jewellery you like and wish to checkout, you will:

  1. Click the "Claim" button for the item.
  2. Once you click Claim, you will be in line for that item.
  3. The consultant is notified that you got in line for the item.
  4. If the consultant has the item in stock, they will confirm your claim and send you an invoice to the email you registered your Shoppe account with.

Now - let's discuss how to claim an item in Shoppe!

First, make sure you are logged in to your account.

Alt Text

After clicking Login, you will see the homepage (shown below). Your homepage stores your shopping history and lets you come back to previous popups and shop! Tapping a consultant's name will display the consultant's profile page and allow you to follow them. Tapping the popup will display the boutique and allow you to go shopping.

Alt Text

Tapping the popup picture on the homepage will display the popup.

Alt Text

After tapping on an item to view it, there are a few new options available.

You can click to comment, favorite, or claim the item.

Claiming the item means that you are intending to purchase it and notifies the consultant of your intent to purchase. If you click claim, chances are the consultant will send an invoice to your email address.

Alt Text

After clicking "Claim," you will be given the opportunity to pass on the item and get out of line.

If you decide you do not wish to purchase the item, you can click the "Pass" button to inform the consultant that you would like to remove your claim. This tells the seller that you are no longer interested.

You will also see your position in line for the item. Shoppe does not show the quantity available for each item, so you will receive a notification when the consultant confirms or rejects your claim.

If the item is out of stock or awarded to others ahead of you in line, then the consultant may choose to reject your claim since the item is no longer available.

Alt Text

Great! You have successfully purchased an item using Shoppe and can now expect to receive an invoice. After you pay the invoice, the consultant will ship the item to the shipping address listed on the order details page.

If you run into any issues claiming items, please email us at!

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