How to Sell on Shoppe #3: Managing Orders - Confirming and Rejecting Sales

Note - Following this process is critical in order to prevent problems with inventory on Shoppe. Please do not delete items from the Items page unless absolutely necessary.

The Consultant Process:
1. Upload inventory
2. Create a popup and share it
3. Receive orders and confirm them
4. Invoice customers via email
5. View inventory levels

Shoppe gives consultants full control over the invoicing process by allowing them to "confirm or reject" sales. Confirming a sale will automatically reduce the quantity of items in inventory according to the selection made by the consultant, whereas rejecting a sale will send the shopper an in-app notification that the order could not be processed by the consultant and the consultant's inventory will be left unaffected.

Shoppe is designed so that invoicing can easily be done via email. Once you receive orders, you can enter the customer's information into your direct sales invoicing system provided by the company you sell for (LuLaRoe, Paparazzi, etc.). You can also use 3rd party services like Square, Inc. to send email invoices.

The Process

Let's walk through the process of handling customer orders as they come in so we can invoice our customers and send them some amazing product!

  1. The shopper claims an item from the popup
  2. We navigate to "Orders" and locate the order
  3. We click the checkmark to confirm the sale
    • The inventory is automatically removed after clicking the checkmark
  4. We click the "X" button to reject the sale
    • This will notify the buyer that the sale was rejected
    • This is helpful if we don't have enough inventory to fill the order for the claimed item

Click the Orders button from the menu on the bottom of the screen

Viewing an Order

To view a specific order for a customer, click on the order from the "Orders" page.

Click an order from the list on the previous page to view the order details

  1. The Checkmark - Clicking the checkmark is critical for inventory management. When clicking the checkmark:

    • The customer's sale is confirmed and the customer is sent a notification inside Shoppe.
    • Our current inventory is reduced according to the number of items included in the sale. We can go to the items page and see that the item quantity is reduced after clicking the checkmark.
  2. Rejecting the order - Click the "X" button to reject the customer's order (claim). When clicking the "X" button:

    • The customer's sale is rejected and the customer is sent a notification inside Shoppe.
    • Our current inventory is left unaffected, meaning there will be NO CHANGES to item quantities since no change is necessary.
  3. The "Back" button - Clicking the "<" button will return us back to the Orders page.

  4. Customer information - Sometimes we may need to reference this page in order to collect information for invoicing.
  5. Changing the quantity selector - Changing this number to "2" means that, when clicking the checkmark, current inventory for the item is reduced by two.
    • This is useful if the customer wants to purchase more than one quantity of an item.
  6. Quantity - This shows the quantity available for the item. We can change this on the items page.
  7. Order status - After we confirm the sale, we can click the "mark fulfilled" button to continue with the order process.

Awesome! We have now confirmed customer orders and are ready to proceed with invoicing!!