Mobile App #4 - Following Consultants

Wondering what the "Follow" button does in the Shoppe mobile app?

Along with the mobile app comes the ability to follow consultants who use Shoppe.

This is awesome because:
1. You get push notifications when popups open for consultants you follow.
2. Popups and activity from consultants you follow are saved to your home dashboard.

Following consultants is easy and can be done in a few quick steps:

On the home page, tap the "Search" menu icon.

Alt Text

Next, type the consultant's name in the search box and tap the blue "Search" button.

Alt Text

Once you've found the consultant, tap the "Follow" button. The consultant is notified of your follow.

Alt Text

Alt Text
The button changes to "Following" when you have followed the consultant. Tap the button to unfollow the consultant.


It's that easy to follow a consultant!

You'll probably notice that your home view changes after following a consultant. You will see their open popups as well as notifications of your claimed items on the home view, like this:

Alt Text
As you can see, Claras now shows up on our home view along with her open popup! You can tap the popup photo to go shopping!

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