Selling on Shoppe: Making Popups Visible to Shoppers on the Mobile App

Making your popups mobile-friendly is a great way to increase the visibility and accessibility of your popups! Here's how it's done:

To begin, we'll create a new popup and add tags (or keywords) that your customers can search for in the app to find your boutiques!

Click the "Edit" button on the popup dashboard, then scroll down and select who you want to be able to see your popup in the app:

  1. Private - Only shoppers with your popup link can view the popup. It will not be searchable on the app.
  2. Followers - Only people who follow you on the app can search for and see the popup.
  3. Everyone - Anyone can see the popup on the app.


Next, click the text box and enter suitable keywords that describe your popup and what you are selling. In this example, we entered "Unicorns." When finished, hit enter or click the checkmark to save the changes.


Open the mobile app, log in, then tap the search menu icon.

Search for a tag or keyword that you have added to your popup. In this example, we used "Unicorns."

After entering the tag and tapping "search," you'll see a list of popups that are relevant to the search term. As you can see below, we found our example popup:

Alt Text

You can assign tags to your popups, then advertise your tags in your advertisements in various locations such as in your Facebook group! Your customers will be able to quickly find your boutique if they are using the mobile app.

Your customers can also search for you by name and follow you. This is especially useful because, after they follow you, your shoppers will see your open popups as well as other activity on the Shoppe mobile app!