Update Notes 1/24/17

The following updates have been added to the Roe With Me website:

  1. Additions to popup orders page
  2. Facebook posting rate limiting
1. Additions to popup orders page

We've gone ahead and added a few tasteful additions to the ordering tabs on a popup. Below are the changes you can expect to see for each tab.

Orders per Buyer Tab

You will now notice that the interface for each order has been cleaned up a bit. here are the following changes:

  1. Most of the controls for an order have been moved to their own bar located just below the customer's name and email.
  2. Rejected sales are now hidden from view in an effort to reduce clutter and keep you focused on the important stuff. You can unhide these sales by clicking the bar at the bottom of an order that says "Show hidden sales".

Sales per Item tab

Most of the changes have taken place to this tab. Hopefully they will make your life a little bit easier!

  1. We added the customer's email and a copy button just next to their name.
  2. We added the sale status (Open, Confirmed, Rejected) in the middle column with color coded text to help you quickly scan the page.
  3. We have hidden rejected sales from the list. You can show them again by clicking the "Show hidden sales" bar.
  4. We have hidden items in this list that only have rejected sales.
  5. The customer's name is now a link that takes you to their profile.
  6. Each sale now has an arrow button (on the far right) that takes you to more information about that order.
2. Facebook posting rate limiting

We rate limited how fast posts are created on your Facebook group or event to once every 5 minutes in an effort to protect your standing with Facebook. That is, we don't want to cause you to go to Facebook jail!

*You will need to reload the website to see these changes in effect