Update Notes 3/5/2017

The following are updates to the website that are now available:

  1. Facebook Live & Album Support (beta)
  2. Sales graph on the home page

Facebook Live & Album Support

We are excited to announce our official support of sales via Facebook live and Facebook Albums and have begun to rollout the start of our feature set!

This release gives you the ability to see a list of items, and who is in line for them without the extra comments. Additionally, you can view all comments as well.

In the future we are going to give you the ability to easily create orders from your live and albums sales which will allow you to track your orders all the way through to completion! Also, we would love to hear your feedback and any suggestions/improvements you would like us to make! Email us at help@roewith.me or comment in the Facebook group.

Please be aware that this functionality is in an early development phase and so you are using it at your own risk!

Sales graph on the home page

Your home page will know show you a 1 week summary of sales data including a graph of total confirmed sales in dollars. Additionally, you will see figures for total gross sales and items sold! More detailed sales data can be found by navigating to Reports > Revenue per day or clicking the handing link at the bottom right of the graph on your homepage. 😊

As always, you will need to refresh your browser to see these changes