Update Notes 6/6/2017

We've been busy working to increase engagement between you and your customers! The following are updates to the website that are now available:

  1. A Curated user feed
  2. Seller profile pages
  3. A notifications page
  4. Notification emails
  5. Robust notification settings
  6. New notification type
  7. Tons of bug fixes

A curated user feed

All users now will have access to their own personalized feed of content that includes popups from their followed sellers and updates from content that they have interacted with. For example, all users who follow you will see your popups that open up in their feed (in addition to receiving a push notification if they have the mobile app installed).

A screenshot of a user's feed that features content from their favorite sellers and things that they have interacted with

Seller profile pages

Each seller now has a profile page that tells the user a little about them, a call to action button to follow that seller, and also any popups they have open (which depends on your privacy settings for that popup). Private popups will not be displayed here, popups set to be shared to followers will show to only users that follow you, and public popups will show to everyone.

This gives you the quick ability to send someone to your profile to follow you in Shoppe. They will then start receiving notifications about activity in your boutique!

Seller profile page

A notifications page

One of our most requested features, a more robust view of your notifications has been added! From this page you can quickly see your unread notifications, and (soon) will be able to filter by notification type!

A screenshot of the notifications page

Notification emails

We have started sending emails for each notification which includes the message and a button that takes you to the notifications page to view more. This is just another way that Shoppe increases engagement with your customers!

A screenshot of the notification emails

Robust notification settings

As a compliment to notification emails, we've given you the ability toggle each of the types of notifications on/off for email and push. If you don't have our iOS app (Android coming soon) installed, you will see badges that take you to the respective app store. Check it out!

A screenshot of the notification settings

New notification type

Buyers will now start to receive a notification for when the state of an order has been altered. For example, they will receive a message that looks like "Your order from Jane Smith is now shipped." This is great setup for when we add shipment tracking!

Tons of bug fixes

In the background we are constantly releasing bug fixes that have been brought to our attention by you all! So, thank you for pushing development forward at a blazing pace! We are always listening to you!

As always, you will need to refresh your browser to see these changes