Update Notes 7/31/17

We've been busy working to improve user experience and make you a smarter business person! The following are updates to the website that are now available:

  1. Sales analytics and KPI's (key performance metrics)
  2. Improved design and user experience
  3. New pricing model

Sales analytics and KPI's (key performance metrics)

All users with a paid account now have access to detailed metrics regarding their sales performance in Shoppe. The currently available metrics are:

  • New customer rate
  • Sales volume per category & subcategory
  • Revenue per view to popup
  • Average order size

We have plan for many more sales metrics in the future which include:

  • Repeat purchase rate
  • Purchase frequency
  • Order gap analysis
  • Number of sale visits over time
  • Product affinity (which products are purchased together)

In addition to those sales metrics, we also are working on bringing you inventory/marketing analytics and KPI's in the future! These metrics will include:

  • Inventory Turnover
  • Average Days to Sell Inventory
  • Average Days to Fulfill order
  • Customer Lifetime value
  • Revenue gain/loss
  • ...and many more!

A screenshot of the new sales analytics page

Improved design and user experience

At Shoppe we are extremely focused on bringing you and your customers a delightful shopping experience. With each release comes many fixes and upgrades aimed at improving user experience.

New pricing model

We've made some changes to the way that you are charged as a seller at Shoppe. Constraining tiers by the number of items in your inventory proved to not be the right fit for us, and also for lots of you! With the new system, you are able to upload as many items as you want in order to try us out instead of only being able to try us with a limited amount of your items. We make money only when you do now!

In addition to that change, we have also removed the free tier and switched to a free trial only model. New sellers do not need a credit card to sign up, and will automatically be signed up for our 15 day free trial. Once the trial has ended, users will be prompted to upgrade to a paid subscription.

NOTE - Current seller accounts have not changed and you will remain in your old pricing tier unless you change it.

Screenshot of new pricing changes

As always, you will need to refresh your browser to see these changes